2023 Word For the Year: Enough

Choosing a word for the year has been a habit I’ve maintained since 2014, but finding the right word is not always easy. 

Last year’s word was transform and it came quite naturally as I was transforming aspects of my business, such as adding branding and design courses to my speaking mix. This year’s word was not chosen, as much as it came to me by chance. 

On New Year’s Eve, my family and I were out for dinner (ringing in the new year at 8 pm for the kiddos) and as we excitedly opened our fortune cookies and laughed at the messages, I saw that mine said: YOU are enough.

I’ve heard this saying before, of course, but this time the message stuck with me.  A few days later, I realized I had my word for 2023: “enough.”

I loved this word because there were multiple meanings: 

Saying “Enough” to Yourself

Like many fellow biz mamas, I am always striving to do more for my kids, family, business, and professional commitments. And sometimes you just have to say to yourself: “Enough!”—or as we say in Italian, “Basta!”—and realize you are doing enough. YOU are enough. 

It’s also about knowing when something isn’t the right fit or it isn’t serving you well. And creating important boundaries to keep yourself from doing too much, or straying from your goals. 

Fostering an Abundance Mindset of Having Enough

I also like the meaning of having a mindset of abundance. You don’t have to constantly strive for more, do more, achieve more. Stopping to feel gratitude for all that you have. And affirming that the Universe will provide all that you need. 

Doing Just Enough in Your Branding

Lastly, I especially like how the word connects with the branding work that I’m doing. When I do my talks, many people lament that they just can’t seem to get a handle on their organization’s branding. They aren’t doing enough. 

I started my speaking business with the premise of “branding for all,” or that all organizations should be able to have effective branding. You may not be able to do it all immediately, but you can take small steps to improve your branding. Watch my blogs this year to learn more about this theme. 

Well, this was “enough” for now! Do you have a word for the year? 

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