Creatives inspiring each other: the Creatives' Cupboard MyNote

Creatives' Cupboard MyNote CREatives Cupboard MyNoteI was thrilled to be included in the MyNote, a “creative journal” by Crystal Reynolds of Crystal Ink Design and Creatives’ Cupboard in Calgary, Canada. Crystal and I met through the HOW Design Conference several years ago and she is a past Featured Biz Mama. The MyNote features advice and inspiration from creative solopreneurs: designers, publishers (Janine Vangool of the fabulous UPPERCASE Magazine!), and business coaches from across the globe. The back section of the book includes lined pages for readers to jot their own notes and ideas. It includes an article called “Typing up her own rules” that talks about how my graphic design business inspires my kids clothing line typebaby—and vice versa. Read more about the MyNote here.

Order your copy here.