HOW Design Live conference recap: tips from biz mamas

How has motherghod changed your work life? I was thrilled to meet so many fellow biz mamas (and mamas-to-be) at the recent HOW Design Live conference in Chicago. I’m always inspired when I talk to fellow working moms—especially those in creative business—so I wanted to share tips from the mamas I met (as well as friends from past HOW conferences).

What is one way motherhood has changed your business/work life?

I don’t waste time anymore. I have a new perspective on what really matters and how to best utilize my time and energy. Crystal Reynolds, Creative Dreamer at Crystal Ink Calgary, AB CANADA @crystalinkdesig
Motherhood has lead me to bring more focus and efficiency to my work day. The time between 8:30 and 4 slips by too fast so I try to make every minute count. I do my best to minimize (or eliminate) distractions that pull me off course; texting, Facebook and other fun but time robbing activities. I want to be truly present when my family is home and not worried about checking emails. Nadine Noble, Idea Nest Walkerton, Ontario, Canada @theideanest
I launched UPPERCASE magazine the year before I had a child. It was an experiment and a financial risk, but I knew that was the only time I’d have that freedom and unlimited bucket of time required to get it started. In the years since my son was born, I’ve been the sole earner in the family so that my husband can take care of our son while I’m working. This responsibility drives me to ensure that the business has a solid future to support not only our living, but that it keeps me inspired creatively. UPPERCASE is a huge part of our lives, so I strive to make sure that we’re all enthusiastic about it. Happiness in work and at home are all wrapped together. Janine Vangool, publisher/editor/designer of UPPERCASE magazine Calgary, Alberta, Canada @uppercasemag
Being my own boss, diva picking my clients, allows me to have a flexible schedule to be a great mom and a great business person to my clients because I love what I do! Jenny Poff, President/Creative Director of Presque Isle Designs Erie, PA USA @PresqIsleDesign
I’m a type-A workaholic sort, and before the kiddo came along I would work all the time: early mornings, late nights, straight through meals, on vacation. Now there are hard stops in my day. He gets uninterrupted time each morning for breakfast and the walk to school. I rearrange my schedule to coach his little league team and be there for him in the evenings, with no work distractions. And while that sometimes means that I have to work the early mornings or late nights, he doesn’t see it. He gets my undivided attention when it’s his time. Alisa Bonsignore, Writer & Strategist at Clarifying Complex Ideas Pleasanton, California USA @clearwriter
My time has become more valuable, so it’s easier to turn down projects I’m not interested in. Megan Coleman, Megan Coleman Design Chicago, IL USA @megandesign
I find my creativity was boosted after having a child. Since I now have to find creative solutions for typical toddler problems (sleeping, eating, tantrums, etc.) it also encourages me to be more creative in my work life. Lidia Varesco, Art Director & Designer at Lidia Varesco Design Chicago, IL USA @lsvdesign
  I think we all can agree that it’s not easy to juggle work and family. But our passion for creativity, newfound resourcefulness, and support from friends and family gets us through. I hope these comments inspire and encourage you as you juggle motherhood and creative business. Several of the moms above are past Featured Biz Mamas, so make sure to check out those interviews too.
Are you a fellow HOW Live biz mama and want to share your biz mama tip?
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