Growing Hope Globally

Founded as Foods Resource Bank in 1999, Growing Hope Globally has helped more than 2 million people in need. They help subsistence farmers grow their own food and earn an income. And through their Growing Project model, U.S. farmers work with churches and surrounding communities to become part of the solution—raising money and awareness to end world hunger.

Annual Report

The goal of this report was to make the data skimmable and focus on impact. We also had to consider page size and length—and ultimately the weight of the final piece—as the staff travels overseas with the annual reports packed in their luggage. And lastly, since they were planning a rebrand, we had to create a design that wasn’t too connected to the soon-to-be-old brand.

We were also able to specify and manage print production for the client, leading to a savings of both money and time for the client.

The annual report generated increased visibility and brand awareness, with the client sharing that it was “lauded by the board, major donors and staff as one of the best annual reports in the firm’s 19-year history, helping to attract new audiences and continued to be a valuable marketing piece for months to come.

Annual Campaign

Using their new branding, we created an annual campaign for Growing Hope Globally that focused on the theme of “finding hope” and included personalized donor letters with a compelling impact story, mailing envelopes, thank you notecard, and informational rack card.

Despite new tax laws and a new name and logo, the campaign was a huge success. We attribute much of that to the visually engaging donor mailing created by Lidia. Notably, close to 50% of donors to this year’s campaign did not give last year, and more than 24% were first time donors, achieving a primary goal to better engage our existing donors and attract new donorsProving that an investment in a strategic and talented design partner like Lidia is a very wise and fruitful investment, indeed.

Barb L., formerly of Growing Hope Globally