How to Conduct a Nonprofit Brand Review

Conducting a Brand Review for Your Nonprofit

Why Nonprofits Should Review Their Brand

When is the last time your nonprofit organization conducted a brand review? A poll conducted in a 2022 webinar I presented on brand reviews revealed that over 50% of attendees have never done a brand review and do not measure the effectiveness of their organization’s branding. Let’s change that!

Why is a Brand Review Important?

Brand reviews help to track your performance, expose gaps where improvements could be made, and pinpoint any goals you may or may not have met. With regards to performance, does your brand keep your audience engaged? How does your brand perform overall? 

How might you improve your brand? Are there clear improvements that can be implemented? Can you define what isn’t working? Are gaps apparent in your branding?

Take stock of your goals and ask if they’re being met. In what ways might you better meet these branding goals? What could you adjust that would further help your brand? If your goals are not clear or if they’re unknown, then create new goals and KPIs. By asking yourself these questions, you’ll know if a full review of your brand is necessary. 

How is a Brand Review Conducted?

You’ll want to gather all the touchpoints you can on your brand, from print to digital to environmental. Print and digital touchpoints might include:


  • Stationery and Business Cards
  • Print Ads
  • Flyers
  • Annual/Impact Reports
  • Event Invitations


  • Social Media Profiles
  • Website
  • Digital Ads
  • Email Newsletters
  • Donation Page

For digital media, print your screenshots and spread out your samples on a table along with your print media. It is always easier to see your branding with your own eyes rather than trying to envision it all.

Environmental brand touchpoints might include your work environment, your client relations, and your events. 

How to Analyze Your Brand’s Performance 

After reviewing your brand touchpoints, you’ll want to analyze the performance of your brand. 

Positioning is key for brand performance. Questions to ask regarding your positioning include: Are you clearly communicating the mission and vision of your organization? Are you speaking to those of your preferred audience? Is your point of difference clearly outlined?

Messaging is also crucial in analyzing brand performance. Take note of the voice of your brand. Are you using this voice to communicate your “why” to your target audience? Do you have a unique story behind your organization you could share? Are you within the same spheres of influence as your audience? Do you have a specific call to action?

Visuals will also be a critical piece of brand performance. Take a look at your brand overall. Is your logo consistent across all your media? Are you utilizing your brand colors and styles? Are your chosen fonts compatible in print as well as digital media? Do your brand and mission fit your imagery? 

Questions to Ask of Your Brand

  • Does your brand engage your audience?
  • If so, what content most engages your audience?
  • Where is this engagement most focused?

Now What? Put Your Brand Review to Work!

Now is the time to rethink and implement your branding goals. Take a look at the channels which engage your target audience. Make goals headed in that direction. You’ll want to review your methods of analytics and make a brand review a regular enterprise. Apps and technology might be able to further help in this regard. Adding more eyes to your branding team could also help you in the long run. These results will further your marketing strategy with regard to your brand. Be sure to utilize a schedule or a process to make brand reviews a regular occurrence. 

How Often Should a Brand Review Be Done?

A brand review is recommended every year for good branding upkeep. It’s also crucial to do a review after things have changed in your organization, such as a new strategic plan, new organizational goals, or updated offerings or programs.  

Reviewing your brand may seem a daunting task, but it is necessary for your organization to stay current, fresh, and engaging. 

For more help regarding your brand review, I’ve provided a Branding Checklist for you to follow. To learn more about branding for your nonprofit organization, please visit