Shopping for creative inspiration (literally)

Latte cups, Hello Kitty candy...and magazines!

Yesterday, I went to Anthropologie on Southport Ave. in Lakeview in search of a magazine (Anthology). I ended up leaving with issues of Anthology and Uppercase Magazine (my two new favorite magazines, thank you)—plus a whole bunch of creative inspiration. After inevitably trying on clothes, I found myself browsing—and becoming inspired by—the books, magazines and other lovely finds scattered throughout the store.

A few inspirational finds:

Because we had kids in tow, a stop at Candyality was a must. That’s where I saw a fabulous mini takeout box tin of Hello Kitty Fortune Candy. (again, would love to use in my office) So, what’s my point (besides the fact that I like to shop)? Sometimes you have to go shopping for inspiration. Get out of your usual routine and keep an open mind. You may not find the perfect dress, but what you do find might be even better…

Anyone else find creative inspiration in retail spaces?