Business cards going away? I don't think so!

A recent New York Times article spoke about how, in some circles, the business card is becoming a “relic.” [insert collective gasp from graphic designers everywhere] My graphic designer-based opinions aside, I host networking events in Chicago and there is never a shortage of business cards being exchanged. At the recent HOW Design Conference in Chicago, I saw business cards—from attendees and vendors alike—in myriad shapes and sizes, some using interesting formats or folds. I understand the article’s point of view that in certain environments—such as tech conventions—people are exchanging contacts using technology (i.e. twitter handles or barcodes). But eventually those businesses will need to make themselves stand out or be memorable. And in a crowded marketplace, a well-designed business card can help your business stand out. Business cards also keep you top-of-mind with the recipient. Many times, I keep a business card on my desk as a visual reminder to follow-up with someone. Can this be done with an electronic contact?

So yes, I think business cards will be stickin’ around.

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What are your thoughts on the business card? Here to stay or going away?