A day in the life of a mom in business

My assistant, overseeing the office

My assistant, overseeing the office

A day in the life of a small business owner can be unpredictable. Throw a baby into the mix and…anything goes. It’s definitely not your typical 9-to-5 routine. For me, some days are jam-packed with nothing else but client and in-house project work—while others involve early daycare pickups and pediatrician appointments (or if I’m lucky, playing hooky at a playdate!) Some evenings are spent playing catch-up on work after Little One is in bed or reading business magazines or articles. Fellow biz mamas, can you relate?

Here’s a snippet of one of my recent days:

7:30 am: Breakfast and morning routine 8:30 am: Drop off Little One at daycare 9 am: Check email, check to-do list for daily priorities 10 am: Impromptu meeting with client to discuss branding and packaging design project 12 pm: Lunch and errands (deposit checks, mail invoices) 1:30 pm: Work on client and typebaby projects 5:30 pm: Pick-up Little One at daycare 6–9 pm: Home stuff 9 pm: Work catch-up, scan social media and reading list for content to read and share

Moms in business: what’s a typical day like for you?