So, what am I reading?

a few of my current selections…

Apparently, this past Friday (August 9th) was National Book Lover’s Day. I am truly a book lover. I always have several books going, on my nightstand, coffee table, office desk.

So, what am I reading?

Right now, I’m inspired by “mamas gettin’ it done.” Being a relatively new mompreneur (my son just turned 1-year old), I love to read about biz mamas who have experience and advice to share. I’m also reading about starting a product line as I work on my new line of typographic baby goods. I’m dreaming of my next vacation (did I mention I have a 1-year old?) and living vicariously through Sibella Court and the gorgeous way she decorates her life with her travel momentos. And now that Little One—along with his appetite—is growing fast, I’m reading about making baby food. Or should I say, toddler food. (Lately, that’s all I have time to cook!)

My reading list

You might notice that some of my books are checked out from the library. Since space is currently at a premium in my home (read: it’s filled with baby gear) I had to slow down my book buying habit!

What’s on your current reading list?