How Branding Improves an Organization’s Content Strategy

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Branding is how people perceive and interact with an organization. It’s not just a logo or website, but as branding author and speaker Marty Neumeier says, “It’s a person’s gut feeling about an organization.” It forms a foundation for making emotional connections and developing relationships with members, supporters, and other stakeholders. 

There are four reasons why starting with a brand strategy can improve your content marketing and make it more engaging.

Content Marketing Will Be More Strategic

When you use a branding foundation as a starting point for content marketing, you’re better able to focus on topics that are relevant to your audience. This helps to cut back on fluff pieces and gives your audience content that resonates with them and excites them. It also helps you create content that is in line with your organizational goals. 

After content is published, you can observe, along with KPIs and results, to make improvements and further hone your content strategy.

The most popular channels for content marketing are social media channels.

Content Marketing Will Be More Organized

Once you have a brand-centered  content strategy in place, you’ll be better equipped to organize your content. By creating a thought-out framework you can see how pieces integrate with each other. The framework also makes it easier to repurpose content. 

A content framework can also help identify any gaps in your content marketing or new areas to explore.

The preferred areas of investments for companies are in content creation and production.

Content Marketing Will Be More Engaging

Rather than having random content, a brand-first content strategy will help tell your organization’s unique story. When content is story-driven and resonates with the audience, they will want to come back for more—and share with others. 

About 40% of all companies are looking to incorporate more infographics into their content creation.

Content Marketing Will Have More Impact

By looking at it through a branding lens, your content marketing will have more impact and a farther reach. When content resonates with an audience and their values, they feel seen and understood. 

When content is relevant and relatable, your audience will be inspired to take action and align themselves with your organization. And when that happens, genuine, long-term connections are also made. 

LinkedIn is the top channel used for B2B content.

Now that you know why it’s important, stay tuned for our next post that will discuss how to align your organization’s brand strategy with content strategy. 

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