10-Minute Marketing: Respond to your LinkedIn notifications

10-Minute Marketing: Respond to your LinkedIn notifications How often do you check in with LinkedIn? If you’re like me, perhaps not as often as you should. However, LinkedIn notifications can offer great insight into who is looking at your profile as well as an easy reminder to engage with your network. TIP: The easiest way to do this is on a mobile device, see the “Notifications” tab in the LinkedIn app. On desktop, check the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” and “Your Updates” pages (under the “Profile” tab). 6 ways to make your LinkedIn notifications work for you:
  1. Congratulate a connection on an anniversary or new job
  2. Reach out to prospects or past clients who have viewed your profile or liked your article
  3. Assess if your profile is attracting your ideal prospect
  4. Engage with people who are reading your articles
  5. Comment or like a connection’s article
  6. Respond to comments on your updates

This week’s 10-Minute Marketing task:

Check your LinkedIn notifications and take one action (send a note, follow-up, ask a question, etc.) LInkedIn_50x50 Connect with me on LinkedIn
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