Biz Mama "Then and Now:" Crystal Reynolds of Crystal Ink

Crystal Reynolds of Crystal Ink Crystal was my first featured biz mama back in 2012. Let’s see what she’s up to now… Crystal Reynolds of Crystal Ink in Calgary, Canada is a graphic designer and mama of two. She also manages Creatives’ Cupboard—a resource and voice for creatives working solo or within corporations— which includes publications and in-person events.

Crystal Reynolds of Crystal Ink

What’s new with you/your business?

Hmmmm where does one start? Since I first connected with Lidia, I was a half year into my passion project of “Creatives’ Cupboard”. I loved connecting with fellow creatives and sharing their stories. That eventually evolved into establishing a solid new website for the endeavor. Part of my growth or simply “moving forward” was due to connecting with the Designers Roundtable accountability group and from there making a connection with a creative business coach, RaShelle Roberts. Because of them I have found sanity and support. I have managed to publish my own first run of the publication using my myNote concept—combing the joys of content and publication with that of notes pages to make the book more valuable to the user. I had dreams of hosting my own creative camp and started that by hosting Ilise Benun,, for a marketing workshop here in my own hometown. I learned a lot about the work involved so it was a good taster as far as my own dreams of hosting a full on event. Because of my connection with Ilise, she connected me with the new sheriff in town at F+W media and we collaborated to bring my idea of the myNote event book to the full conference. So in June 2015, the myNote was released to my peers at an event that really got the ball rolling for me professionally. Pretty cool I say. Over the last couple of years I have also created planner system for myself and produced for myself and used it as a self-promo item for my clients. This new planner system which I am calling myLife, Worksheets to Plan your Life, is under review and consideration for production and sales. Outside of all of this, my clients have come and gone over the years but my focus on my love of publication design has managed to land me as the designer for a quarterly magazine, Canadian Scrapbooker. A great team of women from across Canada putting together a pretty kick ass publication. I would like to think that their increase in sales this past year was due to my part in it all.

What is one thing you learned in the past 3 years?

I have learned a tonne over the last 3 years and if anyone is keen to learn more I would love to hear from them or they can purchase the Creatives’ Cupboard Vol. 1 on my website – I do have some insights there for sure. But for me to pick just one, hmmmm… Your dreams translated into a vision can only be completed or even started if you realize that it just takes small steps to make big changes. Don’t focus so much on the end picture, just on the tasks it will take to get there…. Basically, dream big, then work your ass off.

What new tip can you share with fellow Biz Mamas?

My sage advice would be to strategize your day so the time you have to focus on work (without kids) is well used and then turn off the work brain and be in tune to your family for a few hours of connection.

Crystal Ink

Calgary, AB Canada and Twitter: @crystalinkdesig and @CreateCupboard Facebook: CrystalInkDesign and CreativesCupboard Instagram: @perzylo