Do You Have a Social Media Logo?

Nowadays, many businesses are being discovered through social media. It’s a smart way to promote your services or product and increase brand awareness.

What’s a Social Media Logo?

One of the first steps to social media success is having a good logo. Once you claim your page on twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, you will need to upload a square version of your logo, what I like to call the “social media logo.” If you have a logo already, talk to your logo designer about creating a square or stacked version that will be readable in the square (and sometimes small) proportion. Whatever you do: DON’T just drop in your logo or stretch it to fit. The social media logo could be the first place a prospect sees your branding, so make sure it looks good. Below is an example of a logo I designed for one of my clients and how I adapted it to a social media logo. Logo designed for Carrie Houchins-Witt - Lidia Varesco Design With some of my clients, I may even create a special version of their logo for social media purposes. Since you are not limited by paper size or ink colors, you can get more creative and have fun with it. Below is a logo I designed for Art Lakeview and a social media logo that incorporates graphics from the related marketing materials. Logo designed for Art Lakeview - Lidia Varesco Design
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