Need a ticket…to Alt Summit, that is. @altsummit

As I’ve been revamping my blog, the Alt Summit blog has been a fantastic source of inspiration and information. Along with interviews with bloggers I admire, I’ve found useful tips for growing my blog.

What is Alt Summit?

I discovered Alt Summit, a conference for design and lifestyle bloggers, earlier this year on twitter. I stumbled upon the From Blog to Book panel with Amy Butler, Grace Bonney, Julia Rothman, Lia Ronnen and Kate Woodrow and decided to live vicariously through twitter. (see the twitter timeline here) I was amazed at the generosity of the panel members in sharing tips and information—and later, in responding to people’s comments and questions on the Chronicle Books blog. I said to myself: I need to be at Alt Summit next year! Well, it looks like I’m too late (tickets are already sold out!) But if I’m lucky, I just might win a ticket…

Alt Summit’s blogging resources

For blogging inspiration and business advice check out the new Alt blog. They also offer online classes on the Alt Summit Channel.