What should I do with a blank wall in my office?

Those of you that follow me on Pinterest may have seen my board “Blank wall in my office.” I’ve been collecting inspiration for, you guessed it, a blank wall in my office. I know I could fill it with framed artwork, but I also want to make it functional. I find it useful to post designs-in-progress, so that’s one of my goals for the blank wall.

My criteria for the blank wall:

  1. Something I will enjoy looking at daily
  2. Ample room to post design work-in-progress
  3. A place to display finished project samples
  4. An area to collect ever-changing creative inspiration (i.e. a real-life Pinterest)
  5. Hanging methods that don’t damage the walls

So far, here are some nice ideas I’ve come across:

(all of which I think could be achieved with Command Strips/Hooks)

Clothesline and hangers | via Oh Joy Studio

Clipboards | via decor8 blog

Drapery wire and clips | via shelterness

What would you do/have you done with a blank wall in your office?

If you have a related board on Pinterest, share your link!