Be like a tree: staying calm in busy times

Photo by MizzD on flickr

Thanks to my yoga teacher, I recently picked up the book Journey to the Heart: Daily Meditations on the Path to Freeing Your Soul by Melody Beattie. With books like this, I like to flip to a random page and see what the “message” might be. The daily meditation I flipped to was titled “Learn to be Calm.” It was incredibly appropriate as I prepare my business for an upcoming maternity leave—a process that can sometimes feel, well, not so calm. The meditation detailed a drive the author took along the Redwood Highway in California, her observations of the tall, proud trees and the lessons learned from the calm, patient redwood:
Learn a lesson from the redwoods. Let them teach the power of patience and calm… Times move along. There are stories to live and stories to tell, but we can be calm and know that, always, all is well. —Melody Beattie
It’s a good lesson for any small business owner who is going through a busy or stressful time. Staying calm and assuring yourself that “all will be well” can help get you through—even though you can’t predict the path that will take you there.

What helps you to stay calm during busy times?