Be more productive: take an outdoor lunch break

Hubby enjoys a pastrami sandwich while Essie enjoys the park (and eyes the sandwich!)

One of my favorite things about warm, summer days is taking a lunch break in the park. On days when my husband works from home and we both have free lunchtime schedules, we make an effort to dine al fresco in the neighborhood park with our dog in tow. Today’s lunch menu included a Pastrami on Rye from Manny’s Deli (for him) and a Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich from Morgan Street Cafe (for me). As much as I love my office, getting out into the fresh air not only improves my mood, but recharges and inspires me for my afternoon workload—which means I get more done. And Essie doesn’t complain about getting an extra walk and park time!

Make the most of your lunch break

  • Enjoy the fresh air and nature: head to a park or other outdoor space
  • Shop local: visit a local cafe or restaurant
  • Dining solo? Bring a book to read or notebook to jot down ideas
  • Dine on wheels: Seek out a local food truck and discover a new cuisine
  • Eating healthy? Brown bag it!
  • Get in a workout: power walk back to your office or walk an extra block or two
  • Work from home? Bring your four-legged friend along—they’ll appreciate the extra walk!
Now, back to work…

Anyone else sneak out of the office for an outdoor lunch today? Where did you go?