Take a break and stretch….

Most of us spend a good part of our day sitting in front of the computer. And I’m guessing we don’t always have perfect posture. I realized this was taking a toll on my health, and I needed an easy way to remind myself to stretch throughout the day. I created a stretch book by making copies of fast and easy stretches I could easily do at my desk. I placed the stretches in sheet protectors and paired it with a cover that would stand out on my bookshelf—making sure I wouldn’t forget to take a break and stretch. It worked! Another useful tool for good office posture is an ergonomic chair cushion, such as the Fitball Wedge by Ball Dynamics. It can be used as lumbar support or an angled seat cushion that encourages proper posture. (your grade school teacher was right: sit up straight, no slouching!) And don’t forget to schedule a 30-minute to 1-hour  yoga or stretching session at least once a week. It can help prevent repetitive stress injuries, back pain, and bad posture. Personally, I have found that doing yoga and stretching regularly keeps aches and pains away. Can’t make it to a class? Try a DVD that focuses on upper body and back stretches such as my top picks, the RX: Yoga series and Back Care Yoga by Gaiam. There’s even an online yoga-at-your-desk routine at My Daily Yoga. No more excuses.. and no more slouching!