Recession buster: the park district

photo by sidereal on flickr

January always seems to be the busiest time at my gym. Whether it’s New Year’s resolutions or just a lingering desire to be fit, it’s a popular time to start a fitness program. However, most gyms are not cheap and if you’re a small business owner, this might be a place where you cut your budget. Don’t give up on your fitness routine just yet: check out the Chicago Park District. The Park District has many fitness centers, with low-cost membership fees, located throughout the city. There are also great classes available, like circuit training, Pilates and yoga—I’ve become a big fan of the yoga class at my local park. If you have a home office, the park district is a great option as there is likely a park near your workplace—and it’s a great excuse to get out of the house. Now get out there and start moving!