being green

reduce, reuse, recycle...

Lidia Varesco Design is doing our part to help the environment. We believe every little bit counts. Here are some of the ways we are being green:

  • Using 100% recycled paper in our office printers
  • Reusing and/or recycling office paper and junk mail
  • Purchasing gently used office furniture
  • Recycling printer cartridges
  • Encouraging clients to specify recycled papers
  • Working with eco-friendly printers and vendors
  • Decorating our office with air-clearing plants
  • Donating unused paper and art supplies to local schools in need (through Chicago-based organization Creative Pitch)
  • Donating our overstock greeting card inventory to local organizations in need
  • Minimizing or eliminating commuting time

Chicago Botanic Garden. Photo by Lidia Varesco.